Knowledge Network English at the HvA 01: Quick scan

The first Knowledge Network English at the HvA meeting revolved around the “quick scan”, it was an opportunity to get to know colleagues who are responsible for, and involved in, the design, delivery or provision of English in our HvA classrooms. This scanning also extended to an inventory of current wishes, dreams and questions regarding the status of English at the HvA.

How can we make English a central component of our courses, rather than a supporting subject?  What do we need to do to ensure every HvA graduate can use English effectively in their future profession and studies? Can we demand a minimum level of proficiency in English of our colleagues?

These and other questions were touched upon when discussing our dreams and hopes for English at the HvA and the possible outlines of future policies. We then moved on to discuss the current state of English at the HvA by way of overviews of some observed positives and negatives within our domains and courses. One of the shared disappointments appears to be the lack of uniformity in policy and the sense of “winging it” when it comes to putting what little policy exists, into practice. Teacher training courses (AMFI) and formalized requirements for students (DOO) on the other hand seemed to inspire optimism in our informal network of experts.

Future session themes will include E-learning, minors and HvA wide language policy. But for our next meeting we will focus on Best Practices. A post briefing you on suggested recon will be up shortly.